DM2 & MAHEU s'unissent pour la fondation LA RELÈVE de HDA!

DM2 & MAHEU join forces for the LA RELÈVE de HDA foundation!

DM2 & MAHEU join forces for the LA RELÈVE de HDA foundation!

For a 2nd year, DM2 & Maheu are joining forces to help found the Hôtel Dieu d'Arthabaska, LA RELÈVE! Last year pretty Christmas stockings were on sale and this year we are keeping you warm with our polar blanket. It will be on sale in stores and even in La Relève activities. All funds raised will be donated directly to our hospital.

The mission of the next generation?

La Relève provides financial support for various projects to improve hospital services and care, focusing in particular on prevention. It also aims to raise awareness, involve and mobilize young people towards this cause, while ensuring the succession and sustainability of the HDA Foundation and the support it offers to the population of the Victoriaville and Maple region.


Be an important player through our fundraising, in order to financially support the needs and specialized services of HDA. The Relève committee wants to be present in its community and make a remarkable difference through its projects and dynamism.

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