DM2 : impliquée dans la communauté de Victoriaville

DM2: involved in the community of Victoriaville

DM2: involved in the community of Victoriaville

Driven by a mentality of family fraternity (the family!) and mutual aid, DM2 and Maheu Sport are actively involved in their community. The two companies have been helping several organizations in the region for years.


LOCAL Skatepark and Gleason


For more than five years, DM2 has been associated with LOCAL Skatepark in order to give it a second life thanks to the visibility of the store. It is at this skatepark that several events take place, such as the "Local Contest" skate competition, product unveilings or doors open to the public. In addition, DM2 is actively involved in the development of the Gleason ski resort, located in Tingwick, in order to promote the resort by sponsoring several events and having it recognized outside the region.


SPAA, La Relève Foundation and Respit-Jeunesse


DM2 is also involved in fundraising campaigns for several organizations in the region. The store regularly donates its empty shoe boxes so that the abandoned cats of the SPAA are comfortable. In addition, this year DM2 has set up a Christmas stocking campaign to raise funds for the "La Relève" foundation of the Hôtel-Dieu d 'Arthabaska. Last year, the store also offered cacti for sale for Respit-Jeunesse.


A showcase for artists from the region


With a new slogan: Fashion, art & fraternity, DM2 has decided to stand out by collaborating with artists from the Victoriaville region so that they can present their works to the store. This is the case for painters Vicky Lafond and Amélie Roberge whose works are currently on display on the second floor of the store. In addition, DM2 works closely with designer / artist Charles Poudrier to produce a collection of VILAIN sweaters.


DM2 has been at the heart of the community for several years and it is not over! Its social involvement shows that it is more than a clothing store: it is a fraternity!

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