DM2 Shop : beaucoup plus qu’un magasin de skate

DM2 Shop: much more than a skate shop

DM2 Shop: much more than a skate shop

Since its creation in 2011, the DM2 store A very important and loyal store! Recognized as a lifestyle store, DM2 is much more than that: it is a reference in fashion, art & fraternity in Quebec!


Clothing, shoes and accessories: something for everyone!


Always attentive to its customers, DM2 is inspired by their in-store experience, their favorites and what they would like to see in-store in order to provide their customers with unparalleled products and services.
From young to old, from men to women, DM2 knows how to stand out with its wide range of clothing, shoes and accessories compatible with all sizes and all ages. You will find clothing for men AND women , shoes from type OR clothes Casual and accessories, As bags , jewelry , sunglasses , caps and evenplayful underwear !


Online store: a novelty!


Always looking for new ways to meet customer needs, whether in the search for new companies, avant-garde products and new trends, growing DM2 of its customers. Thanks to the online store DM2 Shop, the whole of Quebec will be able to benefit from an inventory inventory of the unique urban store in Quebec!


What are you waiting for? Discover the new online store and subscribe to our newsletter to be one of the first to receive promotions! In addition, we offer you free shipping with a purchase of $ 75 or more before tax in Canada!

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