Our goal by 2023 is for each pair of Natives shoes to be managed 100% over the life cycle.

The Native Shoes Remix ™ project, our first initiative on this journey, recycles your beloved Native shoes by giving them new life in projects across the community.

How does the Native Shoes Remix project work ™?

Native Shoes' unique composition can be reconfigured into a versatile material that is useful in creating seats, play floors, insulation and more. Taking advantage of an exclusive re-sharpening process, we are able to break down materials found in all native shoe styles, including sandals, slip-ons, knit sneakers and boots. From that moment on - we don't know where your soles might appear!

Where can I recycle my Native shoes?

Here's a handy guide that's easy and FREE for you to send us back to be recycled as part of the Native Shoes Remix project ™ with the help of our shipping partners. Canada Post .

Option 1 - Post Office

  • Find your Post office closest .
  • Bring your old shoes in a box or bag of appropriate size.
  • Give the Canada Post representative our return authorization number: PR747684 .
  • They will provide you with a label, fill out the form, affix it to your package and you are done.
  • Canada Post will send us your shoes and we will donate (if any) or break down and recycle your shoes for you.


Option 2 - Mailbox

  • Make sure your package will be in a mailbox
  • Go to the Canada Post returns site
  • Fill out the form and print the label.
  • Put your old shoes in a box or bag of appropriate size.
  • Put the label on your package and put it in your local mailbox.